Grant Expiry Clarifications

The initial announcements made regarding the 2 July Grant Expirations have resulted in some public concern and confusion.In simplifying the situation, the Cemeteries Board has highlighted some key facts:

  • Only plots that were purchased prior to 1987 are affected by the grant expirations expired on 2 July 2012. Plots purchased after 1987 are not affected.
  • A number of plots at Karrakatta and other Perth cemeteries are affected, however the vast majority of these have already served a significant proportion of their tenure. As stipulated within the Cemeteries Act 1986, those purchased before 1987 all expired collectively on 2 July 2012.
  • Tens of thousands of plots, including those where burials have already taken place, expire each year of their own accord. A grant is only necessary if the plot is required for a future burial.
  • There is no deadline to secure additional tenure. This can be done at any stage. The option to renew will, in all likelihood, remain open to you, so there is no need for concern.
  • Contacting families regarding the 2012 expirations has been particularly difficult as the contact details within the databases are over 25 years old. The Board apologises for any distress caused to surviving family members by correspondence being addressed to those who are deceased.
  • Funeral Directors are a key communication link between the cemeteries and the community, and have been kept abreast of the change.

If you think you are affected by the 2012 expirations you can visit the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board home page Due to the high volume of calls we would recommend that you email the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board at